A Gadget That Cuts Perfectly Equal Cake Slices

Think back to childhood birthday parties. Was there no larger injustice than getting a smaller piece of cake than your sibling? Seriously, raise your hand if you did not ever throw a tantrum over getting the short end of the cake slice stick – so to speak. Old school cake slicers fit over the cake and smashed the entire thing. Not real classy.

Let the ingeniously named Cake Divider at Animi Causa eliminate this childhood trauma. Dial in the number of slices you want – either 6, 8 or 10. Then poke the sub 2 inch gadget into the middle of the cake (or pie). Insert your knife into the slot and slice. Then click the divider to the next slicing spot At $13.99, the Cake Divider is an inexpensive, plastic remedy to inequity, available on Animi’s website. You stick the inch-wide device into the center of the cake, choosing whether you want to divide it into 6, 8, 10, or 12 equal pieces. Then you slide the tip of your knife into the guide, and made the cuts as the axle clicks into position.

So end the childhood suffering based around uneven cake slices! Get a Cake Divider today.

There are certain objects that immediately, with zero explanation, reveal their origins. For example, this Cake Divider from Tel Aviv manufacturer Animi Causa, which was clearly inspired by the great childhood injustice of getting a smaller piece of cake than your siblings.

It may seem novel, but this little gadget is actually solving a problem. The original cake divider (which looks like this) was a metal circle divided into a set number of slices. It messed up the cake by smashing it, and you couldn’t choose the number of slices you wanted.