Pinel & Pinel $90,000 PlayStation 3 :: The Ultimate Gaming Set Up?

The set-up you see above is the the Pinel & Pinel Arcade PS Trunk. It doesn’t have the hottest name I’ve ever heard, but it is one impressive bundle for the ultra-wealthy video gamer.

The PlayStation 3 games system can be finished in the choice of 51 different coloured calfskins and includes nickel and palladium hardware, and contains:

4 PlayStation Move motion controllers
4 PlayStation Move navigation controllers
4 DUALSHOCK® 3 wireless controllers
2 PlayStation Move sharp shooter guns
4 PlayStation 3 wireless buzzers
2 arcade fighting sticks
PlayStation Eye Camera
Sony® 3D 55-inch LED HD display remote-controlled screen
4 pairs of 3D glasses

The Pinel & Pinel Arcade PS Trunk is being marketed as the ultimate gaming toy for the man or woman who has everything. For more information jump over to the Neiman Marcus website for more technical specifications. For every purchase, Neiman Marcus will donate $3,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters, charity.